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Let me talk a little bit more …

If you search the pages of Larissa Dobler on Facebook and also the Importing with Success course, you’ll see that together they make up almost FORTY THOUSAND FOLLOWERS! On YouTube, the number of video views on the course are countless and the Larissa channel has about FIVE THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS! On Google … dozens and dozens of pages about the course.

GREAT! But who actually bought it? Are these numbers real? Who are these people who disclose these numbers?

Before going any further, I want to talk a little bit about my experience in the product review industry: On the internet, it is possible to gather several tips – including some from Larissa Dobler herself – that give tips for importing. But even though they were disorganized and very dubious, I wanted to save $ 200 and risk it. The result was obvious: I made a loss of more than R $ 300 and until today I did not see the merchandise!:(

Then I was ashamed, I made an investment, I tested the product! And I have already recovered the investment, my loss and today I am profiting! As? There were only 10 pieces of assorted Hollister and Abercrombie clothing and a 200% profit of almost $ 500. (I.e.

searchingWell, on the internet, there is real information, but it should be thoroughly investigated and yet you will hardly be sure that it is true!

Then I ask you: will you want to be one among those thousands who, like me, have just been following on facebook and youtube and bet wrong? Are you going to insist a bit more and wait for the next Black Friday to buy your “half-double” makeup?

As you can see from the testimonials above, more than 5,200 people bought and are already making money from the course.


What’s up?? Are you going to stand there? If you put in the tip of the pencil, you will see that the investment is not high: There are 7 different modules of classes and rare tips for you to turn your own boss and change your life! Incredible bonuses that give you tips to sell even without stock! You will be able to work on different business fronts with very little investment and will retrieve them very fast.

Not to mention the support that the creator offers … you will have access to the REAL and SECRETA community of Facebook to ask questions and share knowledge with other students, WhatsApp and Skype personal of Larissa Dobler to address doubts directly with her!

On top of all this, you still have the unconditional 30 day guarantee ! You bought. Tested. And you still did not like it? Ready … you’ll have your money back! Showing confidence in the product and respect it has for you students! But rest assured, when you try it out for the first time, you will not even remember that guarantee!

Oh .. I understand .. you’re scared because the dollar has gone up? Is not it going to make a profit? Watch the video below and be amazed!

I just do not know how long this will last. Unfortunately Larissa has been under a lot of pressure to get this material off the air! Run and enjoy … she has done everything to keep the price and not finish the course!

Bora Importing Successfully? Just click on the link and enjoy the promotion! In addition to a promotional price, you can even install the card! As S un Tzu would say , “Opportunities multiply when harnessed!”