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Well, besides having a cute face, Larissa Dobler is the creator of the Importing with Success course, joining the select group of Brazilian entrepreneurs who, from an adverse situation, managed to overcome their limits and with a lot Larissa dedication won in life !

Today, she makes a high bill with imports, works with what she likes best, which is reselling makeup and besides being the best selling import course in Brazil, she is in TOP 5 of the most accepted courses and sought by those who are looking for a new way of undertaking Online.

During law school , she was a member of the failed college team , had an internship at a law firm, and like most trainees, she did not learn anything effective and was basically in charge of carrying documents. With that, what she got were just frustrations and torn and ugly tennis!

But he did not give up and went after opportunities. Through some tips she found on the internet, even in Orkut times, she managed to repackage her wardrobe and surprised her friends.

That’s when, after starting to sell designer clothes to her friends, she decided to make her products available in the Free Market, and the bottom line is that at age 18, she already had a turnover of $ 5,000.00 , dropped the right, Where she was frustrated and went to study aesthetics, which was what she really loved. Today, in Larissa’s own words:


“I’ve been working on Importing and Reselling Makeups for years and I’m very accomplished with what I do and I want to help YOU transform your life!”

Want to hear more about her and also about her course, click the link below, wait to load the video and listen to all this from Larissa Dobler herself.

Watch this video to know a little about one of the techniques that will learn in the course!

My young Padawan (Jedi apprentice in the Star Wars movies, my geek moment! Rsrsrs), if you are still in doubt whether or not to buy the Course Importing Successfully, check out some product reviews at: Importing Successful Complaint On here!

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